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Sintech Hybrid PABX with Max. 16 CO & 128 Extensions (TC-2000B)

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This is Expendable Hybrid PABX system with maximum 4 to 16 CO lines and 32 to 128 Extension lines. It has full caller ID & 30 sec Welcome message record. It is very easy to use and suitable for Hotels & Factories... 

  • CO lines: 4 to 16 & Extensions: 32 to 128 lines
  • Ringing Assignment multi-level
  • Welcome MSG Record 30second (3-duration: 15s-7.5s-7.5s)
  • Flexible Extension Number (2-4 digits)
  • Full Caller ID (External, Internal & Transfer)
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  •  CO lines  Capacity(Max):  4 to 16 lines
  •  Extension Capacity(Max): 32 to 128 lines
  •  Multiple communication lines
  •  Ringing Assignment multi-level 
  •  Full Caller ID
  •  Outgoing Call Transfer
  •  Call monitor
  •  External/Extension/Transfer caller ID
  •  Call duration control
  •  Outgoing call class/ Call restriction
  •  Call forwarding
  •  Three party conference
  •  Communication path: 15
  •  Operator attendant
  •  Call pick up
  •  Auto attendant
  •  Busy transfer
  •  Extension password
  •  Extension number assignable
  •  Multiple Communications Channel
  •  External music on hold socket
  •  Flash Time Choice 
  •  System Password
  •  Memory protect while power off
  •  Inbuilt in Lightning Protection
  •  Many more Hybrid Features…
  •  Normal Transformer Power
  •  Housing Material: Plastic
  •  Built in Lightning Protection
  •  2 Years Warranty (conditions apply)

Receiving Call Feature:

* DISA Auto-attendant

* Operator Attendant

* External Caller ID

* Internal Caller ID

* Transfer Caller ID

* Call Transfer         

* 3-party Conference Call

* Call Pick up

* Unconditional Transfer  

* External and extension caller ID

Making call Feature:

* Dial 0 for CO line 

* Specific C.O. Line Dialing

* Extension outgoing call class 

* Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit 

* Allow extension use appointed CO line


System Feature:

* Self-extension number confirmation

* Total OGM 30second (3-duration: 15s-7.5s-7.5s)

* Power failure transfer  

* Executive busy override

Power supply:

* Normal Transformer Power 

* Power: AC220V (50-60Hz)

* Feed Currency: DC48V; 25mA

* Ringing Currency: AC65v/50Hz

Please follow the steps like this video: 

Sintech PABX all these models TC-208, TC-308, TC-312, TC-416, TC-424 & TC-432 has support same programming book. So if you need to program any of these model PABX, please follow the steps like this video:

If you need to change the extension number for any of these PABX model, Please follow the steps like this video:

If you need to keep a welcome message in your PABX, Please follow the steps like this video:

If you need programming manual of any Sintech PABX, Please click on the link below and go to the download page, then click on PABX tab & download your needed programming manual...

Download link:

The full form of PABX is Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It is widely used in big offices, factories, schools etc. It can allow you to call internally to each other, transfer incoming calls & many more features...

File Names
Version | Size
Last Updated
TC-108C Sintech PABX Programming Manual V1.0|5MB 2020-08-27 06:17:35
TC-208P to 432P Sintech PABX Proramming Manual V1.0|9MB 2020-08-27 06:18:16
TC-2000B Sintech PABX Proramming Manual V1.0|1MB 2020-08-27 06:20:52
MS-308 Sintech PABX Programming manual V1.0|1MB 2020-08-27 06:21:35
CS-416, 424, 432 Sintech PABX Programming manual V1.0|1MB 2020-08-27 06:22:30
2000HK & 2000DK Programming manual V1.0|2MB 2021-06-20 12:28:49
KP-07A Keyphone manual V1.0|1MB 2021-06-20 12:30:36