• Zoom, means the ability of a camera to magnify a picture. Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and some fixed cameras have lenses that zoom in on an object. In other words, it magnifies the object of the video, such as a car in a parking lot,so that it can be seen in much better detail.
  • Zoom is a very important feature of video camera lenses. By making the image larger, it is possible to watch intrusions developing from some distance away from the doors to a building. When comparing thezoom features of a camera lens, it is absolutely critical tounderstand the difference between digital zoom and optical zoom.
  • Digital Zoom, It cuts out a section on a distant image,not actually getting you closer to the object but by magnifying the lack of clarity that already exists.
  • Optical Zoom, is like standing closer to the object, you can see it clearly.


Take an example of digitalzoom and optical zoom: