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Sintech 25ch 5MP Professional NVR (6025i)

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This is professional NVR. It can support 5MP Ultra HD cameras. You can live view or play back old videos from anywhere in the world by Mobile or Laptop...

  • 25ch*5MP IP Cameras (H265+)
  • Playback: 2ch*5MP or 4ch*1080P IPC...
  • Protocol Support: ONVIF & NETIP
  • Video output: HDMI & VGA (Full HD)
  • Mobile app: XMeye (for Android/iPhone)
Model Number : ST-6025iMP Category : ,
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  •  NVR Record : 25ch*5MP IPC...
  •  NVR Playback: 2ch*5MP or 4ch*1080P
  •  Video compression: H265+ 
  •  Video Output :  VGA & HDMI
  •  Protocol Support: ONVIF & NETIP,   
  •  2 HDD Support upto 8TB                                                      
  •  P2P CLOUD: YES,       
  •  FREE DDNS: YES ,   PTZ: YES   
  •  Live view or Playback from anywhere in the world by Mobile & Laptop both…..
  •  Video record: HDD, network
  •  Video backup: Network, USB Storage, USB burner
  •  Video Search: Search by time, calendar, Motion, Alarm, channel
  •  Network interface: RJ45 10M/100M/1000M self-adaption
  •  Wireless : WiFi & 4G (Extend via USB)
  •  Multiple network monitoring: Web view, CMS, Smart Phones
  •  High-performance chipset
  •  Motion detection support
  •  Image config: Saturation/Brightness/Contrast /Sharpness, Mirror, 3D NR , White Balance, BLC, FLK(Flicker Control)
  •  Support: 2D/3D noise reduction
  •  Case meterial & Color: Metal body / Black
  •  Power Input: DC 12V , 3A
  •  TV System: PAL / NTSC (Optional)
  •  ISO: 9001, CE, FCC, RoHS approved Genuine Products
  •  MOBILE APP : XMeye (For Android & IPhone)
  •  2 Years Warranty (conditions apply)

Installation manual:

Mobile view setting video:

Laptop view setting video:

A PC-based digital video recorder is basically a personal computer that has been modified with hardware and software to work as a DVR. An embedded digital video recorder is a video recording machine that has been manufactured specifically to record video input from CCTV cameras. In embedded DVRs, there is typically one circuit board with software burned into its processor chip.

There used to be significant differences in features between the PC-based and the embedded machines. But with recent advancements in the embedded DVR technologies, the differences are becoming less. The advantage of an embedded digital video recorder is that they are extremely stable and reliable as they consist of fewer circuitry parts. The software is often written in basic machine code or Linux code which tends to be more stable.

The advantage of the PC-based digital video recorders is that they are easier to interact with because you use the on-screen menus and a mouse (as opposed to embedded which you interact with more like a VCR - via buttons). And you tend to have more features and options on the PC-based machines.

DVR: DVR is an abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder. It can support analog cameras only and its signal transmitted through TV wire or the latest 3+1 CCTV cable. its main function is to compress videos recorded from the cameras into H264 & H265 compression format and store them on Hard disk. 

XVR: It is the advanced version of DVR. It can support Analog, CVI, TVI, AHD & IP Cameras. You can watch live video & playback recorded video by Mobile or Laptop from anywhere in the world.

NVR: NVR is an abbreviation for Network Video Recorder. It can support IP Cameras & its signal transmitted through CAT6 network cable. You can watch live video & playback recorded video by Mobile or Laptop from anywhere in the world.

If you forgot your DVR or NVR password, you can't reset it without an authorized dealer's help. So, if you are using Sintech DVR or NVR then follow the instruction like this video:

Type 1:

Type 2: 

If you want to watch live video from your DVR or  NVR, pls follow the steps like this video:

If your AHD CCTV Camera is showing black & white picture, you can solve this with a simple instruction as below:

If you have a DVR or NVR with Xmeye mobile app support & you want to live view your CCTV cameras by Laptop or PC, pls follow the steps like this video:

Please follow the steps like this video:

Please follow the steps like this video:

File Names
Version | Size
Last Updated
CMS 1.0 (XMeye) V3.1|32MB 2020-06-23 05:25:00
CMS 2.0 (NVsee) V2.0|9MB 2020-06-23 05:48:48
VMS 1.0 (Master CMS) V1.0|65MB 2020-10-22 07:58:01
Goolink App for Android V1.0|9MB 2021-10-21 07:27:45
CloudSEE Int'l App for Android V1.0|20MB 2021-10-23 05:46:48
CCTV Video Player (H264 & H265) V1.0|25MB 2022-08-31 14:01:44