• HDD  cost saving : For example: 4 pcs 2MP IP cameras need to keep backup for 1 month, Camera stream rate: 2048Kbps.
    1.)  H.264 IP camera need 21G×4×30 = 2500GB, so need 2500GB space to keep 1 month backup.
    2.)  H.265 IP camera need 11G×4×30 = 1300GB, so need 1300GB space to keep 1 month backup, save at least 1200GB HDD cost.

  • Bandwidth cost saving: 
    With H.264, if you need remote view 3MP HD resolution video, it need 6M uplink bandwidth, which means you can not smoothly remote view HD resolution 3MP video with 4M bandwidth.
    2.)  With H.265, 4M bandwidth, you can remote view 1 pc of 3MP HD video, 2 pcs of 2MP HD video; with 10M bandwidth, you can remote view 3 pcs of 3MP HD video, 5 pcs of 2MP HD video! 
  • Device cost saving: You don’t need to use more SATA NVR(H.265 save space) and high cost router(no need high bandwidth).