Sintech brand is the best supplier for the good quality cctv camera in Nepal. Our shop is situated in the center of the kathmandu city called Newroad. Sintech cctv camera shop in kathmandu is very near from Sankata temple. you can visit out shop in newroad kathmandu at anytime within 10AM to 6:30PM.

We have a wide range of products varieties. Night vision cctv camera, Color night vision cctv camera and many more. you can choose the perfect match with your requirement and we will happly provide you best price for it. 

We provide best quality Sintech cctv camera at affordable price. 4pcs ahd cctv camera, 4 channel dvr, 500GB hard disk, cctv wire and accessories including cctv camera full set price in nepal is Rs: 24500/- Or cctv camera full set price with installation in kathmandu is 28500/-. We applied lowest installation cost with best after sale service in kathmandu.

CCTV camera full form is "Closed Circuit Tele-Vision"

If you thinking to install  CCTV Camera for your home or office, there are 5 important things you need to check before buying:

1)  Always buy from your trusted or regular supplier: There are many people who buy CCTV cameras online from a new and unknown supplier but after a couple of months or years if any problem comes to your CCTV camera they don't come to solve that. they don't respond to your call. So, Always try to buy from your own regular guy.

2)  Read well the warranty terms & conditions:  There are many CCTV camera supplier brands that apply many hidden terms and conditions, So be careful and read well all the warranty terms before buying. We suggest you buy SINTECH Brand CCTV Camera. It provides 2 Years warranty which includes a 1-year replacement & 1-year service warranty.

3)  Choose SONY Sensor & Hisilicon chip: Ask your supplier to provide a CCTV camera with a Sony sensor and Hisilicon chip. Sony Sensor is one of the best camera sensor in the world & Hisilicon chip is a stable and high-performance chip. it is also one of the best chip in the market. You can choose SINTECH CCTV Cameras for the best picture quality. It comes with Sony Sensor and Hisilicon chip.

4)  Choose Color night vision camera: There are new color vu cameras launched in the market. It shows a full-color picture in Day and Night. You can choose SINTECH ColorVu CCTV Cameras for the best picture quality.

5)  Choose the Brand Carefully: There are many many CCTV Camera brands in Nepal. Some are international & very famous, Some are mid-range brands and some are new or non-branded. If you choose an international brand, you have to pay too high price and of course, you got a good quality product with 1-year warranty. But I suggest you to choose SINTECH CCTV Camera, It is one of the best CCTV Camera brand in Nepal who providing good quality products with 2 years warranty* at an affordable mid-range price. So you can save much money & got better product.

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